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BloknRoll Game

Strategic Board Game

Blok N Roll

Strategic Board Game

Blok n Roll, where strategy meets excitement in a 2,3 & 4-player gaming sensation! Dive into a world of dynamic grids, super jumps, and tactical brilliance. Challenge friends, outsmart opponents, and conquer the board. Ready to roll into a new era of gaming fun? Let the games begin!

4.8 Rating

What Our Players Say

Blok and Roll is like a workout for your brain, testing your strategic skills like never before. It's the perfect blend of laser-sharp concentration and mind-bending cognitive gymnastics.

Khushi Gothi

UI/UX Designer - HSBC Bank

UI/UX Designer - HSBC Bank

The game is a great alternative to unwind after a hectic day in the corporate jungle or break the ice at a social shindig. This game is not your average stroll in the park; it's more like a rollercoaster for your brain.

Ojas Patil

UI/UX Designer - HSBC Bank

 It challenges you, excites you, and occasionally throws your brain into a spin cycle, but all in the great spirit to push yourself to reach your goal. 

Kinjal Agarwal


Four players, one epic showdown. Who will emerge victorious in the game of strategy? Your move awaits!

Blok n Roll: Elevate Your Play!


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